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The revolution of online group learning is about to start.

The future of English online group learning. We know you were waiting for this and finally it is here. Tailored for those willing to learn in a full social experience. A product on Learning Creators – the inventors of online group learning.

Learn and Practice English Online

On Google playstore as of March 2020.

Arriving. Soon.

Made by Learning Creators

Our team has put together their experience in teaching English online to create a set of brand new apps that will make learning English online as easy and fun as possible. Our state of the art system offers you an innovative lesson design, a new and varied exercise format and an unprecedented online social environment: you will learn English with real people – instead of doing this alone with bots and computers. And if you’re up for a challenge, join the tournament to spice up your learning experience with Fortuna English Olympics!

English online with lessons exercises and native teachers

Fortuna suite offers you

an innovative solution to learn and practice English online

English online in language groups

in a social environment

– a unique group learning experience engaging thousands of English learners from all over the world

English online with native teachers available

with native teachers

– more than 20 teachers from different countries assisting the learners 24/7 and posting short, syllabus-based lessons

English online exercises in online groups

and group exercises

– lessons and exercises for you to study and practice on your own or in the learning group

Premium learning groups

Expected mid December 2019

English learning group on Telegram
  • Top English language groups with exercises and lessons

    over 30 groups

    and one of them, with over 5000 learners, is English

  • Live English lessons online with native teachers

    live lessons

    group is hosting online English lessons

  • native tutors

    because you need authentic and precise feedback

Top practice experience

Expected in February 2020

Soon - the premium English exercises app arrives
  • over 4000 English exercises updated daily

    tailored exercises

    over 4000 English exercises updated daily

  • Individual feedback from native English tutors

    individual feedback

    as you can contact an English native and get advice

  • English language tournaments as you advance

    language contests

    compete online and win English language tournaments

Learning English online

it has never been so convenient to learn English online

This is one of a kind opportunity to learn English. You tried many times. You were disappointed many times. But you knew there was no way back. We are offering now free online lessons and courses with exercises for all language levels. We created this training system focused on you. Social learning is at the basis. That is why our groups are moderated by native teachers. You will have one of the best experience and never forget our online learning groups. For the simple reasons that we invented it for you.

Fortuna offers

There are many applications to learn English online but none of them seems to fit your needs. Why? Because they are not supported by interaction and the online guidance is missing. An English native is not there to help you. You advance in learning and you need more support. You realize that without real conversation and feedback from natives, you can not progress. Because lack of real English interaction will not allow you to move to the next level. So we come with a new solutions and we invite you to try it.

English is one of the most important languages on Earth. It is spoken by 1.75 billion people and this number is growing. In 2020 two billion people will speak and. or learn English.

Learning English is a must today. But more solutions for increased accessibility are needed. Lack of real feedback from native teachers in terms of grammar and pronunciation is a real problem. More support and guidance is needed. Learning groups or individuals and teachers are offering solutions. Vocabulary applications are on the market sold as magic learning applications. Unfortunately, an academic approach to learning, including not only vocabulary but also grammar and idioms it is a very rare case.

That is why we came with our own solution of learning. We focus on people and the ability to help each other. But we also follow a curricula created in line with existing educational standards, supported by natives, educational bots and an environment focused on stimulating the motivation to learn and progress.

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